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Update: It’s a harem

  • Two of the male elk on the prairie.

A quick update on our elk, the four (former) “bachelors.”

Bachelors no more. Over the past month or so, the guys attracted more guys and, hooray, two females, one of whom is very, very round and, I suspect, very, very pregnant. The elk herd is called a harem, and these lovelies are fetching enough to do a dance of seven veils.

Now, the gang of 11 wander the prairie, munching and, occasionally, people watching. The males’ new antlers are growing quickly, up to an inch a day, covered with luxurious gray velvet.

I often stop to watch as they lie in the tall grass, chewing at leisure, and I anticipate the babies to come.

Here are a few new photos.

The bachelors: Roosevelt Elk at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

  • We call them the bachelors, the young male Roosevelt Elk that hang out at the prairie by the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Visitors Center, where Tom and I are volunteers.

We call them the bachelors, the four young Roosevelt Elk that inhabit the open prairie by the Visitors Center at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. The young males are old enough to be threatening to a bull elk with a harem, and so have been cast out to wander on their own.